Pre-care, prepare and support.

A special service for personal security (CP/EP) protection.

This is a unique service specifically aimed at people that need security (close/executive/guarding) protection but have no clue as to what impact this will have on their lives. As is also aimed at security organizations to support them with the pre-care and mental and practical guidance of their clients, and their staff & loved ones, in the early stages of building the right security around them. This in order to prepare and support them and those involved for a period, or lifetime, of protection.  

Often times the need of protection comes with a job position, a certain status that one has reached in their lives or an (un)expected threat. The person, or persons, involved have no idea what the impact will be on their professional and personal lives.  

A person dedicated to well pre-pare and guide them for a life with security is of the utmost importance. It will help the client to not only understand the impact on their live, as to all of a sudden have protection agents around them but equally important to how to best communicate with each other.   

Most security protection organizations can perfectly deliver the protection but don’t have the people available to professionally pre-pare, guide and support their client(s) mentally and practically during the whole process.

This support is immensely beneficial for the security organization as the support from MC Global will not only help to make the communication easier and more understandable between both the client (plus their staff and loved ones) and the protectors but also is also incredibly crucial to make the detail go as smooth and safe as possible. 

Remember that most clients, who have never dealt with threats or protection, have no clue what security can do for them.

They may find it exciting at first, but soon will experience that it is quite the privacy invasion. Since they have no real understanding about the impact and never learned how to properly communicate to and with security, important information often gets lost or is simply not shared. We all know the risks that come with lack of information.

To have one person dedicated as almost a mediator, or even translator if you will, between the client and the protectors in the first stages of the detail will help tremendously to make the detail a success. 

First time support will always be in person. MC Global works internationally. If preferred continued support can be offered remote, when circumstances allow. 

In summary. 

Where and to whom can this be of help:
  • Security (close/executive/guarding) organizations who deliver personal protection.
  • Men, women, children that need personal protection and prefer some mental and/or practical guidance and support.
  • At the start, early stages, of putting together a detail as well as during longer term details for both clients (plus their staff and loved ones) and their personal protectors.
  • We support globally.

For more information please contact us to schedule an intake. Intakes are 30 minutes at no cost and without obligation.