Investigation Analysis

Anyone who has dealt with investigations will recognize that with large or complex assignments, information is all too often lost or simply overlooked. 

The reasons vary; Miscommunication, leads overlooked or misinterpreted, incorrect or lack of essential questions while interrogating a suspect or witness, other cases that are given priority status, and the list goes on. This can be extremely frustrating for the investigator(s), as well as the victims, especially when lives are at stake.

When a case is no longer running smoothly or advancing, it is imperative that you have an experienced and trusted analyst to assist in this process. MC Global brings an open mind and a fresh new perspective to help your team analyse the process, step by step, to ascertain where leads or information may have been overlooked. As a result, the team can move forward and potentially solve or close a case.

An experienced analyst, with the aforementioned fresh perspective, is introduced to review the gathered intelligence to determine what, if anything, may have been overlooked in the process.

Utilizing the skills of an experienced analyst on an as-needed basis is far more cost effective compared to employing an individual full-time. This approach reduces the clients' employment costs, training budget and provides enormous flexibility as to when and where this service is needed.

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