Where security, risk and human behavior intersect...

MC Global is an International Security Risk Consulting and Coaching Practice in where behavior is inextricably linked to the offered services. Our services can be tailored to almost any individual, industry and organization, globally.

Hence our slogan: "Where security, risk and human behavior intersect…"

MC Global has a training, coaching and practical department.
  • Our practical department is very much focused on embedding behavior analysis in assessments, protocols, procedures, investigations as well as in awareness, security, risk and contingency plans or programs for various industries.
  • Our very popular coaching & mentoring services are for those from every level or background who prefer some guidance for professional or personal growth, or for those who simply like to bounce of ideas in a safe environment. This is a confidential service as we highly value our clients wish for discretion. So, nobody needs to know!
  • Our behavior analysis trainings are provided to and for various industries. The trainings are focused on identifying and understanding behavior for hospitality, safety, risk, security and protection purposes. (Identifying and dealing with people with a bad intent as well as "silent" victims)