Human Behavior Risk Analysis Integration for Organizations & Individuals.

Human Behavior Analysis Integration for Organizations and Individuals.

It has occurred to us that during an on- and off-boarding process, or when events, like a crisis, happen many organizations still very much focus on their strategic, operational and logistical plans.  

Most safety, security, crisis and contingency plans do not include an indepth human related risk factor, or more so a human behavioral analysis. While integrating this from the start instead of making an analysis about a person, or a groups certain behavior only after an event has happened, can really help you spot anomalies, weaknesess, mistakes or threats faster. 

We understand that no-one can completely affect for instance the technical failure, that terrible flood or the motivation of a person with bad intend but we can control the opportunity. With integrating human behavior analysis in the plans as mentioned above, you will be able to create an environment which allows you to detect safety and security risks before they turn into something big and to stop it at the earliest possible state and more so to learn from those near misses.

Human behavior analysis has all to do with business, and a business's needs to become the owner of risk. Security professionals simply cannot take an “old school” approach to risk mititgation any longer. This means focussing solely on current tasks and objectives and responding reactively, rather than proactively to a dilemma. As a business owner, you must become aware of your business goals and objectives, and what assets and resources are required to meet these goals. Once you recognize how each of these elements impacts your business, you can start to identify and manage areas that may be at risk to the organization.

If you prefer to learn about identifying human errors, insider threats or violent and destructive behavior or to learn about how to read crowds and how to add that to your securtiy, risk and crisis plans or, even better, daily operations, we invite you to reach out to us.

MC Global Security can help analyze your current risk security program and assesses, if needed, your ability to implementing human behavior analysis into your plans.

For Individuals (VIP security risk programs)

Human Behavior Analysis is a new and innovative methodology aimed at an individual's personal security. It is focussed on the individual and how the individual becomes the owner of his or her own risk, as well as individuals who are near and dear to them. This requires courage and the willingness to take ownership. Are you ready for what the “new school” requires?

MC Global Security knows that the implementation of human behavior analysis is the future of security risk management and recognizes the importance of staying relevant and ahead of the industry curve.  

We realize that risk is the cornerstone of any successful security program. Effective security programs must be built on the principles of the organization, or the individuals security risk management.  It must create an environment where executives or individuals identify risks effectively so they can become better-positioned to mitigate such risks.

We will assist you and/or your organization in achieving success developing an enterprise or individual security program. Our goal is to work with executives, business leaders, security team members and individuals to create a holistic security risk program.

If you like more information about embedding human behavior to your plans, protocols and procedures please contact us at your convenience.