Behavioral Analysis Services

  • Psychological Behavioral Threat Analysis reports
  • Detection & Identification,
  • Online behavior
  • Data Optimization.

Psychological Behavioral Threat Analysis reports. 

We create behavioral threat analysis reports of employees, students, suspects or criminals. These can be used for interviews, investigation, rehabilitation or (close/executive) protection purposes.

It will help you, or your organisation, to get a better understanding of the person, their reasoning, their intentions and/or goals. This knowledge will allow you to anticipate and put controls in place if or when needed.

These psycholocial behavioral threat analysis report become more and more part of a general threat assessment for people or organizations who are dealing with for instance disgrunteld employees, safety programs, investigations and personal protection purposes.

      Recognizing & Identifying Behavior for Security and Safety Purposes

      Recognizing and identifying behavior is a valuable skill, utilized in a wide array of scenarios and environments. From events and venues, to employee or suspect interviews, insider threaths and more severe, human trafficking and violent attacks. MC Global will help you find the right training most suited for you, your team or your organization.  training in where you will learn skills to recognize and identify your own and other people's behavior and how you can reduce the related risk.

      Our training partners will explain what behavior really is. How to recognize the various behaviors in relation to status, industry, profession, location, situation, mood, religion, gender, culture, etc. And about how to best control or avoid certain behaviors or situations.

      Detection and Classification of a person's behavior is of the utmost importance.

      • Educate yourself or your team to recognize and analyze information relevant to a person’s psychological and behavioral characteristics. Learn to assess and predict their capabilities and potential actions in various situations.
      • Gain awareness of what to say or do, as well as what not to.
      • Prepare procedures and protocols for specific situations, events or locations.  

      Learn how to recognize people with the wrong intentions as well as (their) vitcims.

      A comprehensive presentation for a group, including personal guidance and coaching, will help you to better understand what individuals with the worng intentions are actually capable of.

      Forensic Interviewing:

      Techniques for better communicating with and interviewing the traumatized victims of physical and mental abuse.

      Think of victims of forced labor, sexual abuse, beatings and torture, threats, and oppression. With a focus on the challenges of communicating with victims of various ages, backgrounds and cultures as well as their caretakers like family members, host families or shelter homes. Tools for creating and providing a safe environment pre-, during and post rescue for all those involved. Developing a step-by-step guide and protocol tailored to your situation, location, department and/or organization.

      Online Behavior: Your Digital Footprint - Decreasing your Vulnerability

      How do people make themselves vulnerable online? A comprehensive presentation for a group, including personal guidance and coaching, will help you to better understand what individuals are actually doing online to increase their vulnerability.

      Data Optimization for Virtual Reality (VR) and Gaming

      Action and reaction must be very precise to provoke the desired response or emotion. This can only be achieved with accurate and smart coding in order the produce the desired effect to interpret actions and emotions in ways they are intended. Now, everything comes alive and can be perceived as such. This can help with healing from trauma but also anticipate on any emergencies happening as well as learning about an area or location or a certain machine or process due to interacting with VR and/or game.

      MC Global provides a wide array of services to better understand and implement the optimal behavioral trigger to unlock a specific response/emotion or to understand the affects of such triggers.

      Please contact us today for more information on how we can assist you.