Behavioral Analysis


Recognizing & Identifying Behavior for Security and Safety Purposes

Recognizing and identifying behavior is a valuable skill, utilized in a wide array of scenarios and environments. From events and venues, to employee or suspect interviews, insider threaths and more severe, human trafficking and violent attacks. You will learn skills to recognize and identify your own and other people's behavior and how you can reduce the related risk.

Our seminars and trainings will explain what behavior really is. How to recognize the various behaviors in relation to status, industry, profession, location, situation, mood, religion, gender, culture, etc. And about how to best control or avoid certain behaviors or situations.

Detection and Classification

  • Educate yourself or your team to recognize and analyze information relevant to a person’s psychological and behavioral characteristics. Learn to assess and predict their capabilities and potential actions in various situations.
  • Gain awareness of what to say or do, as well as what not to.
  • Prepare procedures and protocols for specific situations, events or locations.  

Learn how to recognize people with the wrong intentions as well as (their) vitcims. We tailor our programs for almost any industry and profession or personal situation.                

To name a few industries, professions or locations;

Airports, borders and ports of entry, schools, houses of worship, court room, hospitals, scouting clubs, sport clubs, entertainment venues, bars, clubs, resorts, amusement and city parks, banks, restaurants, hotels, shelter homes, gated communities, tourist spots, museums, casino's, Governmental institutions, security companies, close & executive protection organizations, etc.

Seminars, webinars, coaching or tailored trainings:

  • Identifying and understanding the behaviors of those with a hostile or negative intent, and victim behavior.
  • Identyfying and understanding your own personal or your teams behavior. Learn about your triggers, your pitfalls, your strenghts and build resilience.

We offer possibilities for one-on-one coaching/mentoring sessions for personal and professional growth as also group sessions.

  • Seminars:                         1 or 2 hours
  • Coaching/Mentoring:      90 minute sessions*
  • Webinars:                         30 to 60 minutes
  • Tailored trainings            Days and/or hours tailored to need of group or industry**

*In-person & online

**These will be embedded into the existing training of the organization/industry.

Psychological Fingerprints Unraveled - Creating Behavioral Profiles

Develop and create behavioral profiles about/for clients, suspects, criminals or modus operandi for investigation, rehabilitation or (executive) protection purposes:

  • Behavioral profiles of a modus operandi in order to try to locate a person or people.
  • Realistic "worse-case scenario" profiles for personal or business risk mitigation protection purposes.
  • Profiles about an individual based on interviews with the person concerend - often used for personal risk assessments or psychological reports.
  • Psychological profiles about an individual based on interviews and collateral information obtained from others.

Online Behavior: Your Digital Footprint - Decreasing your Vulnerability

How do people make themselves vulnerable online? A comprehensive presentation for a group, including personal guidance and coaching, will help you to better understand what individuals are actually doing online to increase their vulnerability.


Data Analytics Optimization

Machine Learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Virtual Reality (VR) and Gaming

  • Powerful tools that leverage cutting-edge cognitive technologies can give your business decision making processes a massive upgrade.
  • Systems built with the human brain as their archetype, designed to be cognitive, aware of context and nuance and to make decisions that are not programmatic in nature, but rather the result of a reasoned analysis.
  • Designed to learn and adapt in order to make a better decision tomorrow than the one made today.

Anomaly Detection through Behavioral Analysis

Making machine learning algorithms smarter so they can be used for making life saving decisions.

ML and with that AI, is a powerful tool that can give your business decision-making processes a massive upgrade. It is not just about security anymore. A smart camera, for instance, means that value and intelligence are gathered from captured content and therefor can be used for anomaly detection. Many insights can be gained by managing situations like:

  • Traffic congestion
  • Shopping behavior
  • Logistic efficiency
  • Alarming behaviors at train stations, schools, parks, airports, sport complexes, events, etc.

These insights can be used for recognizing and detecting people in distress due to threats or physical and medical issues as well as other abnormal behavior like theft, violence, riots, acts of terrorism, human trafficking, etc.

The combination of trained SOC, military, police, security, medical personnel or other employees coupled with "smart surveillance" detection are an absolute win win. The insights can lead to generating revenue, improving efficiencies, problem solving and a safer society.

For more information on how MC Global can assist you in this, or any capacity, please contact us at your convenience.

Data Optimization for Virtual Reality (VR) and Gaming

Action and reaction must be very precise to provoke the desired response or emotion. This can only be achieved with accurate and smart coding in order the produce the desired effect to interpret actions and emotions in ways they are intended. Now, everything comes alive and can be perceived as such. This can help with healing from trauma but also anticipate on any emergencies happening as well as learning about an area or location or a certain machine or process due to interacting with VR and/or game.

MC Global provides a wide array of services to better understand and implement the optimal behavioral trigger to unlock a specific response/emotion or to understand the affects of such triggers. Please contact us today for more information on how we can assist you.

Machine Learning for Data Brokers

Translating human behavior for AI utilization to better understand human data trails for data brokers

Creating profiles not solely based on assumptions collected by click facts, but rather a focus on sincere interests. The results are less-erroneous profiles (which will result in less spam). This equates to better ROI due to targeting with better accuracy.

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