Founder MC Global Security

Miranda Coppoolse

Miranda is a leading globally operating human behavior analyst and operational security risk advisor with over 30 years of experience. The common thread in her working methods is always the persons behavior and motivation.

She has been an awarded Global Security Influencer for Security and Fire (via IFSEC) in June 2021 and for the International Security Journal in December 2022.

Miranda serves as a Board member on several international Boards and is active on various international security groups and networks.
Her free time she volunteers to fighting human trafficking by assisting various organisations, globally.

Miranda is well known for her leadership. She has an extensive background in working with law enforcement, executive & close protection, aviation, counter human trafficking, counter terrorism, humanitarian, corporate and private security and retail organizations.

During her career, she has lived around the globe, gaining a broad understanding of numerous languages and cultures. Over the years she has built a large valuable international network and following.

Her core business focuses on:

• Behavioral Analysis: Consulting.
• Psychological Behavioral Threat Analysis reports.
• Confidential Mentoring & Coaching Services
• Counter Human-Trafficking Education
• Behavioral detection and negotiation
• Forensic Interviewing
• Investigation Analysis and Interrogation Support
• Personal Protection assistance
• Insider Threat and Fraud Advisory
• Forensic Investigation Analysis
• Operational Security
• Security Risk Assessment Analysis
• HEAT (Hostile Environment Awareness Training)

Miranda obtained various diploma's and certificates from the following:
Dutch Police Force, Royal Netherlands Military Police, Ministry of Justice and Security, Maritime Academy, Wesleyan University, Leiden University, International Institute of Certified Forensic Investigation University of South Florida, Professionals, SpecVIP group, AHNA group, ISRM and more...