Founder MC Global Security

Miranda Coppoolse

Miranda Coppoolse is the Founder of MC Global Security Consulting. She is a distinguished Behavioral Analyst and serves as a Security Risk Advisor on various interrelated security topics. 

While known for her behavioral identification trainings & seminars tailored to any industry and profession, her mentoring and coaching of professionals and creating psychological profiles for risk assessments, Miranda also serves as an Advisory Board Member for the TINYg Global Terrorism Information Network, Lobbying Africa, Hard Target Living, and has been an active member on numerous councils for ASIS International.

Additionally she serves as a team member for the Children's rescue Initiative, CRI. This is a distinguished organization that fights human trafficking worldwide by rescuing children from forced labor and sex slavery, providing medical care, clothing, food, safe shelter, education and training in an effort to prepare them for a life of freedom.

As a behavioral analyst she is also fascinated by behavioral data science & analytics especially in bridging the gap between technology and human behavior for safety, security and trauma healing purposes. Miranda is a true pioneer in this field and always looking for data scientist whom are willing, ready, and daring, to take the next step to fill that gap.

During her career, Miranda has lived around the globe, gaining a broad understanding of numerous languages and cultures.

Her core business focusses on:

  • Behavioral Analysis, People & Data
  • Security Risk Assessment Analysis
  • Human Behavior Risk Analysis Intergration for Organizations and Individuals (VIP Security Risk Programs)
  • Behavioral Identification trainings & workshops for safety and security purposes
  • Predictive & Criminal Profiling
  • Risk Assessment Implementation Service
  • Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning analysis for behavioral recognition
  • Physical, Enterprise and Travel Security
  • Confidential Advisory Services
  • Human-Trafficking Education

She has achieved success in various areas of work, including, but not limited to:

  • Government
  • Public Law Enforcement
  • Aviation
  • Ports
  • Healthcare
  • Banks
  • Tourism
  • Hospitality and Retail
  • Humanitarian Aid

Miranda obtained her diploma from Leiden University in the field of Terrorism and Counter-terrorism and achieved accreditations from the following:

  • Dutch Police Force
  • Royal Netherlands Military Police
  • Ministry of Justice & Security
  • Maritime Academy
  • Wesleyan Univesity
  • International Institute of Certified Forensic Investigation Profesionals (IICFIP)
  • GB Security Solutions LTD
  • Tactical Education Advance Medical SERE (TEAMS) Training, Children's Rescue Initiative.
  • ISRM
  • and more...