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This week we talk to MC Consulting's Miranda Copoolse about behavioral analysis and identifying behaviors above the baseline. Join us as Miranda walks us through how behaviors impact us, the environment around us, those we interact with, how to identify them and manage them. As well she gives us a glimpse at identifying behaviors that can impact security and how to use that identification to change the trajectory of the threat.


Understanding why people do what they do will help us identify threats and prevent incidents, making us better protectors. But understanding why WE do what WE do might be the key to even more significant growth. 

Circuit Magazine: This week we're joined by Miranda Coppoolse, a behavioral analyst and self-confessed “human nature freak!” She's here to help us dive into a subject that isn't taught in basic training but could be considered an essential skill for protectors.


The Science and Heart of Knowing Another. What is human? What is behavior? How do those two terms merge in a practice that serves the risk, resilience, and security industry?

Ron Worman: We turn to the incredibly rich experience of Miranda Coppoolse, the Founder of MC Global Security and one of the top security influencers in the world. We find out there is a fire burning in Miranda’s core that infuses her approach to people. And she applies the science of human behavior in a language that can be consumed by her peers and her community.


Females in the Executive Protection Industry have so much to offer like us all. Miranda is an amazing example of that as her words come true and experience doing this work all over the globe. She has a truly amazing story with more than just a cool tactical background. She brings with her the experience of being on the receiving end of kidnapping and abuse, and many other evils we all aim to mitigate in the world.

She is truly an amazing human to me for a few reasons but primarily because she has transmuted those things that were meant for evil in her life into a source of power and a drive that empower her to make sure these things happened to fewer people on the planet during her time here. This is an interview about real-world experiences, tactics, and also best practices. There is something for everyone in here… Enjoy!

Protector by nature and by trade,

Byron Rodgers


A situational awareness discussion about the relation between behavior and healthcare.