Risk Assessment Implementation Assistance

Risk Assessments, many of us need them, especially in business.

Most organizations have them because they are required to have them for insurance reasons and to show that they are compliant. 

Often times though, we have to admit that risk assessment(s) end up in a map in a drawer somewhere. If lucky a few things are picked to be implemented in the organization’s policies and procedures when required for insurance reasons, as also because the cost of the risk assessment itself has to have some return of investment. 

Most risk assessments, however great they are, are long and often complicated.

They can vary between a hundred to nine hundred pages, which is a lot to digest let alone implement. Where do you start… 

The responsibility for implementing the advice from a risk assessment into an organization to translate it into protocols, policies, plans and procedures (the 4 P’s) lays with the individual responsible for security and risk.

This task is often underestimated because translating it into one or more of these P’s requires an understanding of not only the risk assessment itself but also all the departments within an organization plus, and this is extremely important, their culture. This all next to the challenges these security and risk professionals cope with already. 

The reason why many P’s are not being followed well or not at all, is because they are not tailored to the people who have to follow or execute those. The whole implementation process requires time, understanding and with that also comes willingness. This you only reach by knowing your organization and understanding that your organization in essence are your people. 

The person responsible for security cannot do this alone, this is a group, an organization effort.

The person responsible for security already has so many other tasks that it would be smart and wise to have someone assisting him or her with the implementation of the 4 P’s.

Someone who understands small and big organizations, someone who understands that each culture, religion, location, department, brand and person requires a different explanation to understand the companies risk appetite and why complying to certain rules and regulations is so very needed, and for their own safety. 

We, at MC Global Security, can help you make chocolate out of long and complicated risk assessment that need a follow-up in being embedded end embraced by your organization.

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