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         Introduction Course To Behavioral Detection & Analysis

When protectors understand the foundations of behavior, they are better prepared to respond to potentially harmful behavior in a skillful way, rather than simply react.
In this online introduction course Miranda Coppoolse shows learners how to detect and evaluate behavioral signals in order to improve preparedness and become better protectors.

In This Online Class You Will Learn:

  1. Go beyond your feelings and use your senses to improve your inner threat detection system and respond to threats
  1. Analyze the behavioral signals that reveal how others are thinking and feeling
  1. Think like a perpetrator in order to better understand them
  1. Understand the triggers of rage and how to spot them

Learn How to Analyze Behavior to Become a Better Protector

  • Understand the neurological and psychological foundations of behavior
  • Learn how to detect and predict potentially harmful behavior
  • Improve your ability to distinguish between emotional and sensory information

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Active Shooter Survival Training Courses

For more than two decades, Miranda has trained a wide array of groups and organizations from individuals to Fortune 500 organizations on recognizing an active shooter, or as we like to say, an active attacker. Nowadays the attacker uses more than just guns, and we provide training on how to be best prepared and when possible, avoid these violent situations altogether.

These training, coaching and consulting services are tailored to the you and/or your organization, with a focus on the psychological aspects of various situations, as well as building layout and configuration considerations, and how they are viewed from a CPTED mindset.

Guidance and advice is provided for implementing the best policies and procedures. Active attacker drills are also conducted to ensure the optimal response and reaction from each individual.

You owe it to your people to maximize their level of protection and awareness.  This awareness is always an integral part of the training programs.

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MC Global Security is offering Online Active Shooter Survival Training Courses in affiliation with ALIVE.

Learn how to recognize the warning signs of potential violence, why active killers kill, the mindset you must have and the physical steps you must take to survive an active shooter.

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