Online Course

         Introduction Course To Behavioral Detection & Analysis

When protectors understand the foundations of behavior, they are better prepared to respond to potentially harmful behavior in a skillful way, rather than simply react.
In this online introduction course Miranda Coppoolse shows learners how to detect and evaluate behavioral signals in order to improve preparedness and become better protectors.

In This Online Class You Will Learn:

  1. Go beyond your feelings and use your senses to improve your inner threat detection system and respond to threats
  1. Analyze the behavioral signals that reveal how others are thinking and feeling
  1. Think like a perpetrator in order to better understand them
  1. Understand the triggers of rage and how to spot them

Learn How to Analyze Behavior to Become a Better Protector

  • Understand the neurological and psychological foundations of behavior
  • Learn how to detect and predict potentially harmful behavior
  • Improve your ability to distinguish between emotional and sensory information

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