Children's Rescue Initiative C.R.I.

CRI rescues children from slavery. You can too!

As an active volunteer and instructor with first-hand experience and knowledge regarding the astounding efforts of CRI, Miranda Coppoolse dedicates this page to raise awareness for the Children's Rescue Initiative

About C.R.I.

Children’s Rescue Initiative (CRI) is more than an awareness campaign; it's a movement actively fighting the human trafficking epidemic by rescuing victims around the world.

Their Mission: To rescue children and adults trapped in sex trafficking and labor slavery through awareness, training, and action.
Their Vision: To make a global impact in the war against slavery by freeing victims through their Rescue, Restore, Raise Up™ Cycle of Freedom.

To date CRI has rescued almost 2,300 victims and their families. They are planning to expand into additional countries, add more rescue missions and save more children every year.

  A note from the founder

Can you imagine? Disoriented all of the time because someone else controls your life, uses you as property, and lets you have only a few minor possessions, life is beyond harsh.

One moment these trafficked and enslaved children were hopeless, lifeless, and in many cases, disassociated with reality. Then a strange group of men and women came in and whisked them away. Within moments, these children are told they are free.

Sometimes the children have no reaction, sometimes tears flow freely. Sometimes fear may set in, as they have only ever known bondage and abuse, and this new unknown is frightening.

But within hours, as the children hear in their own language that a new life awaits, glimmers of hope appear.

Several days after being rescued, a light starts to shine in their eyes. Several weeks afterwards, smiles are now more common, the light is brighter and the children are realizing their captors cannot find them. These children will not be tormented anymore.

As the months go by, their dreams come to life. Children now talk of wanting to be teachers, perhaps a pilot or a dancer. Maybe the dream is to help others by being a doctor, nurse, or even a rescuer.

The children, dressed in school uniforms, their formerly gaunt faces now filled out with proper nutrition, skip down the street as they head to school. Children who may have been lost to the eventual death of slavery now have a chance at life. They have a chance to be forces of change in the world.

                                                                                                            Rescue stories from the field
On one of their missions, their team rescued three young girls from trafficking. Their mother had sold them to a man when they were 8, 9 and 11. At only 12 years old, the oldest girl became pregnant and had a baby. The man and his wife kept the baby and sold the girls to a brothel. Two local men rescued them, and not knowing their story, took them back to the mother. She again sold them to three families.
During C.R.I.'s mission, they learned about their situation and rescued them. C.R.I. took them far away to a safe environment where they are healing and thriving. These girls are now survivors.

During another mission, the C.R.I rescue team was getting ready to head home after a week of rescues. But after getting a tip, they geared up and pulled thirteen more children away from the horrors of slave labor. Malnourished, abused and forced to work in horrible conditions, these children are now free. The team provided clean clothes, water, sanitation, basic medical checks, and food to these precious children before placing them in a loving environment where they can begin school, are given consistent food and medical treatment, and have a chance to be hopeful about their future.

                                                                                                               Ways to get involved

C.R.I. only gets to do what they do because of your donations. When you donate, you help kids like the ones above.

One way you can help is by sponsoring a child in their SurvivorCare program. Sponsorship gives your child access to food and water, medical care, and an opportunity for education

Interested in being considered as a Rescue Operator or SurvivorCare specialist?

If you’d like to host an event or volunteer in other ways...ttps://thechildrensrescue.or

Supporting C.R.I. by telling other people.

For more information about Children's Rescue Initiative, you can visit their homepage.