Confidential Advisory & Coaching Services

And Nobody Needs To Know...

What if you could open up to a seasoned professional about a challenge you’re facing?   

Wouldn’t it be amazing if a seasoned professional gave you the chance to grow, to develop new skills, to try new ideas without the fear of failure, or judgment? Someone who would work with you to help demonstrate your capabilities to your executives by test driving your ideas or fine-tuning your presentations, reports, or strategic plans. To provide a safe place for you to use us as your own sounding board. 

We all have experienced similar situations where we talked to more senior colleagues and posed questions about certain subjects, or even dared to ask for their help. We may have realized we rarely got all the help or information we needed. After a few sleepless nights, and overcoming some struggles and hurdles, we completed that task to the best of our abilities and hoped we provided a meaningful response to our executives. 

Why does this continue to happen? Many professions are still very siloed and somewhat secretive - we see that. There’s no judgment here - just an observation, because most times we couldn’t be completely open with our knowledge due to our agreements with our organizations. So, it’s understandable that we don’t always share our knowledge or expertise freely with others – which makes it difficult to ask for help from others.

At MC Global Security, we decided to create our Confidential Advisory & Coaching Services to help solve this situation. We will give you that ability to excel. This Service provides you that chance to grow. We’ll work through your ideas and suggestions, look at your plans and programs, all the while keeping your trust.  

We’re not vendors, or sales people – we don’t have a quota or number, we’re not driven by increasing our market share or “owning” your industry vertical. We’re those seasoned professionals who’ve been through experiences you’re probably seeing right now. And the best part about our Service is that it is confidential. Nobody needs to know…because we know our business - keeping others out of yours. Discretion is a must!