How to help end Human-Trafficking?

How to help end Human-Trafficking?

How to help end Human-Trafficking?


As I have received this question more times I can count, I as a volunteer team member of an amazing organization that fights this evil, felt compelled to provide you with the best possible answer I can give.

Bear with me that I do not have the answer to completely solve this or any other evil on this globe. Trust me, if I would have had that answer, the world would be a better place already.


Unfortunately, this world is suffering from greediness which results in manipulation, domination, indoctrination, selfishness and brutalness.

Most people are not born this way but have unconsciously or consciously become harsh, or worse evil, due to what life has thrown at them.


For most it’s their way or survival but some are just simply wired evil. It’s in genes.

The few born-evil people show signs early on by for instance hurting other children or animals at a very young age and showing narcissistic traits, like not being willing to share toys or throwing tantrums beyond control when they don’t get it their way.

To be clear, with this I am not referring to the toddler or puberty phase in where kids can be testing your nerves while becoming their own little person and therefore can be challenging to deal with. It goes without saying that the people born this way simply lack the feeling of remorse.


For the people brainwashed or forced into doing evil, the feelings of attachment and remorse are usually numbed. This is something your brain does as a survival tactic. I’ll not go into the whole biological and neurological aspect of this, but I wanted to make clear with this that it is not easy to fight evil as there as an incredible amount of people on this globe and, especially when untrained, you cannot always tell just by looking at someone if they are directly or indirectly involved in anything bad.

I mean we are all familiar with stories of: “He/she was such a great neighbor, friend or spouse.” and then they find a backyard full of dead bodies or a basement for that matter where children are being chained. Not to mention the Me-Too campaign that opened quite the can of worms. That’s why we have the saying a wolf in sheep’s clothing. People who are playing a role contrary to their real character.


The sad thing is that bodies are seen as some form of currency or means to solve a desire or task. Those in trafficking therefore grab every opportunity to use bodies to make money or to get work done, cheap, that they are not willing to do themselves. People are used for sex, weapons and drugs trafficking as well as for slavery, hard labor. The traffickers’ network is endless and globally. They force or charm you into their web.


To mention some examples…

They groom you into to their world by starting a relationship. Known as the lover-boy/girl tactic. These people charm you into doing things like making sexy videos or pictures for them and they start threatening you with making them public, this to have you lend them money which they of course never return or make you perform task for them. Some take you to a deserted place where they take all your personal belongings and forcing, often violently, you into doing their will.


There are also other tactics that can start out as simply as a business meeting, in where you are lured into doing things you regret. This can vary from sharing sensitive business information, or, to while being out with that “business partner” you made the mistake to cheat on your spouse or having sexual interaction with a minor etc. Once they have collected that proof, they have the power to manipulate you.

A trick also often used is employment scam. People, often women, in poor countries are offered a job abroad in for instance hospitality or as a nanny. Once they arrive in the country of where the supposedly employment was offered their passport is taken away from them and they are mentally and physically abused and forced to work as a prostitute.

Another thing you also often see is that people who suffer financially take a loan from a person or organization they shouldn’t. Once they’ve accepted the money and have spent it, these “loan providers” come back to raise interest in a way that these poor people are never able to pay off and then are forced into horrible things like hard labor, having their children sexually abused or are being trafficked themselves.


These are just a few of the many examples of how these traffickers operate.

What you often see is that most of the time, the people who get caught, are just the runners. The people forced into operating in the trafficking chain, and with that are not the source, not the people on the top of that chain.

You have to understand that this trafficking world is the biggest well-oiled industry in the world, and they make more money than any other business in the world.

These runners are easily and quickly replaced. It is a very fluid operating criminal network with tons of people working together who not necessarily know each other because they are all participating only a small effort to reach a bigger goal and are therefore very hard to trace.

Often times when they get caught there is little to no evidence simply because they are just a shackle in the chain and do genuinely not know much. Resulting into low penalties, low fines, or a short jailtime.  


Thankfully these last years this is changing, and more tools and techniques are found to fight this trafficking and more traffickers are being brought to justice globally now.

Many organizations started working together, like financial institutions, law enforcement, border control, non-for-profit and humanitarian organizations. Also, many other industries now start to implement courses or workshops of how to recognize victims of trafficking and know how to report these cases to the authorities. These are industries like hospitality, travel, financial, sports, schools and the security and safety industry.


There can never be enough people to help fight this evil. And really anyone can do his or her share. You alone can be HERO to someone!

Today and estimate of 40,3 million humans are being trafficked. They are forced unimaginable labor and exploitation. The only way to try to stop this is to work together. We should all become aware of the signs and we should all know the local authority number to report a case when you see or know about it.


Apart from making yourself, your family, friends, co-workers or employees aware of the signs, the best thing to do to contribute is to find an organization that is specialized and trained in fighting trafficking and slavery.

Go to their website and see what you can do to help. Often times this comes back to donating, sponsoring or raising awareness for their cause so that through you they can get more donations and sponsors in to fighting trafficking and slavery. Just by doing this you can make a tremendous difference in the lives of those being trafficked. Because of your help victims can be traced and saved and the traffickers can be brought to justice.

Even if you do not have any money to sponsor or donate or you are not physically able to save those in need, you can save them by becoming aware yourself and inform the authorities when you spot a victim or trafficker as well as by raising awareness so that organizations that are fighting trafficking are offered the chance to get more sponsors.


I’ll add a picture to this Q&A which shows some of the most important and easy to spot signs of Human Trafficking. This can be helpful. A tip: Write down what you see and hear and make pictures or a video when possible. Please warn the local authorities and let professionals deal with the rescue or arrest when you spot something.


Hoping you will join me in the fight to make this world a safer place for our children, our loved ones and for those who cannot protect themselves!


For more information about workshops, seminars or training about fighting Human trafficking contact us!